The Gabriel Company
The Gabriel Company

Founded in 2001, The Gabriel Company (TGC) strives to build long-term relations between companies and foreign interests by:

  • Providing advice and assistance to U.S. companies seeking to expedite their business interests in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa through a better understanding of international issues, U.S. domestic policy concerns, business negotiations and investment opportunities. 
  • Facilitating access and understanding of the regulatory environment of governments in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa for corporate clients.  
  • Providing strategic advice to foreign interests seeking to develop U.S. policy strategies, enabling them to succeed and compete in today’s U.S. environment.


Our Vision  

TGC’s unique worldwide network of contacts, our ties to experts in key sectors, our reliability and integrity, as well as our commitment to our clients make us the right choice for producing results for our clients in today’s challenging markets and meeting their strategic goals.